6-7 July 2019

Being back is definitely one of the most fantastic feelings – Andrei KRAUCHANKA

Lutsk, 5 July. Press Conference. European Combined Events Team Championships Super League 2019

Andrei KRAUCHANKA (BLR), Decathlon Olympic Silver Medalist 2008, Heptathlon World Indoor Championships Silver Medalist (2008, 2014), Decathlon European Champion 2014, Heptathlon European Indoor Champion 2011, Decathlon European Bronze Medalist 2010, Heptathlon European Indoor Bronze Medalist 2007:

“My preparation to the Championships did not take too long. I’ve been out for five years coming through five surgeries. So, it’s going to be a kind of test season. Now I have to check myself and figure out if my body is ready for the challenge. The ultimate goal for Lutsk 2019 is to perform consistently, to get maximum points for my team, and to avoid injuries.

As for now, I am not the team leader. But being back is definitely one of the most fantastic feelings. I’ve put a lot of efforts and my health into decathlon that’s why I never give up. I am so happy to be able to complete again. ”

Stadium Information

European Combined Events Team Championships Super League takes place at the Avanhard stadium. It was renovated in 2015 and certified by the IAAF as a Class 2 Athletics Facility in March 2016. Nowadays, it is a modern European athletics arena, which has already hosted many athletics competitions including International U18 Athletics Matches and Ukrainian National Championships.

Hotel Information

Three hotels will be used as official ones for the European Combined Events Team Championships Super League. Teams' hotel complex Ukraine is located only 1.5km from Avanhard stadium. It is situated in the very center of the city and it has often hosted teams during athletics competitions and events.

Airport Information

Danylo Halytskyi Lviv International Airport is the official airport. It is located 150km away from Lutsk and it’s the largest airport in the Western Ukraine thanks to the big passenger flow and destination network.