6-7 July 2019

My season depends on how this competition goes for me, - Kristjan Rosenberg

Kristjan Rosenberg, overnight individual leader after Day 1 at the European Combined Events Team Championships Super League Lutsk 2019

“Today I started pretty good with 10.95 in the 100m. As for the decathlon, I have really good jumps. A bit over a centimeter, I think, I will reach 7.50. The shot put was a bit disappointing because few months ago it was 14-15m and today was only about 13.20. High jump was great, I got the point I was expecting. Besides, I finally beat Maicel Uibo in high jump which I have never done before.

The track looks brand new. It isn’t too soft, it isn’t too hard. For me, it’s perfect.

I love all decathlon events. This sport is perfect for me.Actually, that’s why I’m doing decathlon after trying a lot of sports including basketball and many track and field disciplines.

It’s my third decathlon competition this year. My season depend on how it goes. If I can stay in decathlon competitive enough to challenge another four guys who have 8000+points, if I can score better than Janek Oiglane andMaicel Uibo then I might be able to complete in the World Champs. It also depends on how this competition goes. I have to give my best. I haven’t competed decathlon for two years because of injury. I had my shoulder dislocated.It’s the first year I do throwing again, so I am just trying to get back”.

Elvina Mashchenko, for organisers

Photo (c)Olena Nazarenko

Stadium Information

European Combined Events Team Championships Super League takes place at the Avanhard stadium. It was renovated in 2015 and certified by the IAAF as a Class 2 Athletics Facility in March 2016. Nowadays, it is a modern European athletics arena, which has already hosted many athletics competitions including International U18 Athletics Matches and Ukrainian National Championships.

Hotel Information

Three hotels will be used as official ones for the European Combined Events Team Championships Super League. Teams' hotel complex Ukraine is located only 1.5km from Avanhard stadium. It is situated in the very center of the city and it has often hosted teams during athletics competitions and events.

Airport Information

Danylo Halytskyi Lviv International Airport is the official airport. It is located 150km away from Lutsk and it’s the largest airport in the Western Ukraine thanks to the big passenger flow and destination network.